Vanuatu: Jayson Timatua impressing in VFF National League Championship

Shefa FA stuned Port Vila in the most recent round of matches of the newly-formed VFF National League Championship. The 1-0 win put Shefa in the top of the Group B of the league and one of their players is highly impressing the football community in Vanuatu.

The Tafea FC’s midfielder Jayson Timatua is being a key figure for Shefa FA so far in the competition. The team captain is displaying his class in the middle of the park playmakings most of the offensive actions of his side. The only 21-year-old player that debut for Vanuatu national team in 2018 is being rated as one of the best players so far in the tournament by Vanuatu media.

Jayson Timatua – Vanuatu Sports

The former Shepherds United man is being a regular starter for Tafea in the PVFA tournaments – Tafea is currently ranked 2nd in the most important regional football league of Vanuatu. Timatua represented Vanuatu in their historical U20 World Cup appearance in 2017, when Vanutu played against Venezuela, Mexico and Germany – the Ni-Vanuatu side scored four goals in the tournaments, two against Mexico and two against Germany.

Timatua will be looking to continue in his great form to lead Shefa FA to their final match against Tafea FA to guarantee their spot in the semi-final stage of the VFF National League Championship.

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