Jayson Timatua: the man of the moment in Vanuatu

After the celebrated win of the Shefa FA in the VFF National League Championship, it is time to evaluate the performances of players and legacy of the tournament for Vanuatu football. Despite its very questionable format of competition, new players were showcased in the tournament – something useful when Vanuatu is set to return for international football activities.

Despite being already capped by Vanuatu national team, the young Jayson Timatua might be the player who most got attention through the tournament; the Tafea FC’s midfielder was already spotted by Oceania Football Center after his performances in the group stage of the tournament and then captained his team to win the new-brand tournament against Sanma FA.

Timatua (with the trophy) after winning the VFF National League Championship – Vanuatu Sport

The 21-year-old player alongside Tonly Kalotang and Junior Felix were the key man for Shefa FA in the competition. Timatua was chosen the ‘Best Player of the Tournament‘ to prove his very good performances in the process to lift the trophy.

Timatua is expected now to return to Tafea in style, proving his cabalities as a key man of his team in the PVFA Premier League – Tafea is currently battling at the top of the table and will be certainly happy to count on the man of the moment in Vanuatu football.

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