Koriak Upaiga’s mistake costs Hekari United dearly

Hekari United’s last match against Vitiaz United should be a happy day for Koriak Upaiga as this clash would mark his return after missing some matches due to an injury. However this game was not so good for him as the 33-year-old left back made a crucial mistake that culminated in the goal scored by Jonathan Allen.

Upaiga tried to pass the ball to a teammate but Vitiaz’s Mathias Oyabua managed to steal the ball and pass to Jonathan Allen who found the net to open the scoreboard in the first half. However Hekari United managed to equalize a few minutes later with a goal scored by Michael Foster. You can check both goals by clicking here.

Koriak Upaiga made a big mistake against Vitiaz United – OFC Media

Upaiga and his teammates lost the opportunity to reach the second position in the table as they are now three points behind Vitiaz United. Despite his mistake, Upaiga is loved by Hekari United supporters. The experienced left back has a good reputation and this fail against Vitiaz United does not damage his legacy in the club.

Hekari are currently in the third position in 2019-20 PNG National Soccer League with 30 points in fourteen matches. You can check the league standings by clicking here.

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