Richard Raramo’s lack of sportsmanship needs to be controlled in Telekom S-League

Despite losing to Solomon Warriors on this Saturday, Real Kakamora showed evolution in 2020 Telekom S-League season as they are being a competitive side this year. However, Kakamora have to deal with a player who is bringing lots of trouble to the team: Richard Raramo.

Richard Junior Raramo is a 22-year-old defender who played the last Telekom S-League season for Isabel United. However the young player is showing a very bad behaviour inside the pitch as he has seen the red card twice in four matches.

Richard Raramo

His first red card in the season was during Kakamora’s 4-2 win over Southern United on August 23 when he kicked Southern’s forward Augustine Halumwane purposefully. He missed one match suspended due to this red card before returning to the starting eleven this Saturday against Solomon Warriors.

Raramo’s performance against Solomon Warriors was awful. The defender scored an own goal in the 40th minute by pushing the ball into the net after a pass by Warriors’ forward Lency Norman. Things got worse to him in the second half when he was red carded for kicking John Alick on purpose in the 87th minute.

He should receive bigger punishments for his unprofessional attitudes. It is unnaceptable that a former Solomon Islands U-20 National Football Team behaves like this inside the pitch. Telekom S-League Board must think about suspending him for more than just one game.

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