Did PNGFA try to interfere in the match between Star Mountain and Morobe United?

The fifteenth matchweek of 2019-20 Papua New Guinea National Soccer League had lots of controversies. However, the biggest one was surely in the clash between Star Mountain and Morobe United at Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in Lae.

As it was previously reported, Star Mountain walked off pitch after a disallowed goal by the referee controversialy. This situation brought lots of discussion among football fans in the country but there is a important thing that must be remembered.

The match was being livestreamed on Papua New Guinea Football Association’s Facebook page so people watched everything live. However, the stream was deleted by PNGFA for unknown reasons. Anyway, it is known that the local federation had a very strange behaviour amid the whole situation.

PNGFA posted in match’s official livestream that the footage should be given to match officials but the replay could not be used by referees as PNG National Soccer League does not have Video Assistant Referee (VAR). You can check the federation’s comments by clicking here.

PNGFA logo

The outcome of this whole situation is still unclear. Oceania Football Center got in touch with Star Mountain’s management and it was reported that they are going to appeal against the referee’s decision. Regardless the final decision about this case, this kind of thing should never have happened in the country’s top football league


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