Star Mountain FC walk off pitch after disallowed goal against Morobe United

The fifteenth matchweek of 2019-20 Papua New Guinea National Soccer League started with a big problem as Star Mountain FC walked off pitch after a poor decision from the referee in the clash against Morobe United at Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in Lae.

Star Mountain’s forward William Lahai found the net in the 60th minute to equalize the match at 2-2, and that was the beginning of a huge and shameful mess for Papua New Guinean football. After the goal, Morobe United players started to complain and a long discussion between referees and coaches started.

Star Mountain’s starting eleven against Vitiaz United – PNGFA Media

Meanwhile, Papua New Guinea Football Association posted in match’s official livestream that the footage should be showed to match officials but the replay could not be used by referees as PNG National Soccer League does not have Video Assistant Referee (VAR).

The reason that led the referee to disallow the goal is already clear as there was an irregularity in the throw-in that culminated in the goal. After fifteen minutes, the goal was officially disallowed and Star Mountain players walked off pitch and the match was called off. You can watch the disallowed goal by clicking here.

It is not known whether or not the remaining minutes of the game will be played on another date. In any case, this is a case that should be resolved by the National Soccer League and the PNG Football Association as soon as possible.

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