Referee shows lack of knowledge of football rules in Lae City-Wawens clash

The fifteenth matchweek of 2019-20 Papua New Guinea National Soccer League was full of controversies and one of the biggest polemics took place in the clash between Lae City FC and Morobe Wawens at Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in Lae.

Lae City were ahead by 1-0 when the referee awarded a penalty to them. Emmanuel Simon scored from to extend Lae’s lead, but the referee disallowed the goal because the ball was not correctly placed in the penalty spot.

It should never have happened as the referee must check if the ball is correctly positioned before the kick. The referee disallowed the goal and awarded a free kick to Morobe Wawens. You can check this terrible mistake by clicking here.

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Referee showed lack of knowledge of football rules in Lae City-Wawens clash – Lae City FC Media

It is known that football is not professional in Papua New Guinea but this kind of mistake is completely unnaceptable. The fifteenth matchweek of PNG National Soccer League showed that the local Football Association should provide better training for the referees.

Despite this huge problem, Lae City have beaten Wawens by 2-0 to remain on top of the table with 35 points in fifteen matches. You can check the current league standings, results an top scorers by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Referee shows lack of knowledge of football rules in Lae City-Wawens clash

  1. Referee are human,, they try as much to control the game. The introduction of VAR results as a so many mistakes referees did. In Oceania region we yet to use VAR.
    Salute you referees colleagues


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