PNG National Soccer League: PNGFA takes off one goal from Mathew David in ‘Golden Boot’ race

After some controversy, the Papua New Guinea Football Association alongside the National Soccer League board decided to take off one goal that was previously awarded to Mathew David of Vitiaz United. The goal happened in the 6-3 victory of his Vitiaz against Tusbab Stallions three weeks ago in Port Moresby. You can see the goals of the clash by clicking here – the goal in particular is the third of David in the clash. It was understood by the referee Stallions’ defender Darren Polly scored an own goal, the player tried to clear the ball in the goal line.

It was an uncommon call by the referee, in these situations the referees are worldwide instructed to award the goal to the attacker. In the case, the ball was already in direction to the goal and Polly only tried a despair movement to try to save the ball. By the video, is it also unclear if the ball already passed the goal line or not before Polly touched it.

But, at the end of the day, David does not have anymore 11 goals in the season, but yes 10. The player was previously seen at PNG National Soccer League’s ‘Golden Boot’ race with 9 goals scored – after his brace against Kutubu in the last weekend, the former Lae City player has now 10 as one of his goals is not of his own anymore as previously explained.


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