Telekom S-League: Laugu United and Central Coast unable to score in mid-week clash

Despite having the likes of Mathias Iani and Gagame Feni in attack, Laugu United was unable to find the nets in their mid-week clash against Central Coast for Telekom S-League. If Laugu could not score, the same happened to the team captained by Javin Wae – the debutants in the season Central Coast stopped their winning run as they played a 0-0 draw against the good team of Laugu United.

The point earned by Central Coast put them now in the 4th place of the Telekom S-League. Laugu continues at the 6th placed needing to still prove theirselves in the league – it was expected the traditional team had better results so far due the plenty of quality the team has in their squad.

Laugu United and Central Coast – TSL Media

This was only the second match of the Telekom S-League season so far to end up in a 0-0 draw – the first one was a between Real Kakamora and Honiara City. You can see the updated table and results of the season by clicking here.

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