Gulf Komara players penalised for assaulting referee after polemics against Hekari United

Three players of PNG National Soccer League’s side Gulf Komara FC were suspended and fined by PNGFA after assaulting referee David Yareboinen two weeks ago in a match they lost by 2-0 against Hekari United. Despite the obvious offense, none of the players were red-carded in the match by the refereeyou can watch here footage of the assault.

The three players in particular, goalkeeper Charles Hauka, striker Ilagi Geno and the defender Kila Numa were already absent in the last match of Gulf Komara against Tusbab Stallions last Saturday. It is uncertain if they will be available to play this weekend for their team as the suspension notice was just released by PNGFA this week, precisely on 16th September: “Hauka is hereby suspended for one-match and a fine of K1,000.00. Geno and Numa also face the same suspension, however will pay a fine of K2,000.00 each. In accordance with Article 58 of the PNGFA Disciplinary Code and Code of Ethics, provided that should the fine referred to is not paid at the end of the suspension period, the suspension shall continue untill the said fine is paid in full. The decision is final and should the three players intend to appeal, they must lodge an appeal in writing within 14 days“, said PNGFA Media in press release.

Ilagi Geno is one of the players penalised by PNGFA – PNGFA Media

Gulf Komara is currently ranked fifth in the PNG National Soccer after suffering a heartbreaking defeat against Tusbab Stallions last Saturday by 2-1. The team is still in contention to take the final spot in the semi-finals stage of the national as they are just one point away Stallions that is currently ranked fourth.


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