Hekari United’s Dave Tomare recent performances impressing fans

Hekari United had retaken the second position at PNG National Soccer League table after a 2-1 win over Morobe Wawens last weekend; Vitiaz United got beaten by FC Boungainville helping the Red Army to be back as second in the table. One of the biggest responsibles of the good form of Hekari is their new goalkeeper Dave Tomare; the back up option for the PNG Kapuls member Ishmael Pole is proving is capabilities during the absence of Pole that was suspended for two matches after receiving a straight red card against Lae City.

Pole had returned to Hekari squad after serving his suspension, but head coach Eric Komeng decided to continue fielding Tomare as his first option keeper for the last two matches of Hekari – proving the good performances of Tomare were not only satisfying the fans and media, but as well the coaching staff of the Port Moresby-based team.

Dave Tomare

As Hekari heads to another very important match this weekend, with the return of the fans of the stadiums in Papua New Guinea, the coaching staff of Hekari has to decide whether Pole will return to the team or Tomare will be given sequence. Tomare played five of the six matches after the resumption of the national league – he conceded just two goals and is his team is still to lose having him in the posts -, Pole only featured in the 1-0 defeat of Hekari against Lae City when he was red carded. The only thing that can be assured at the moment is that the 23-year-old Dave Tomare is being highly praised and proving to be an asset for the Reds.

You can check the current standings, results and top scorers of the current season of the PNG National Soccer League by visiting our session of the competition.

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