Vanuatu: The interesting fight against relegation in PVFA Premier League

With just three matchweeks to go in the 2019-20 PVFA Premier League in Vanuatu, four teams are fighting against relegation this season – Mauwia, Sia-Raga, Tupuji Imere and Yatel – and football fans must expect breathtaking moments in the final weeks of the season.

Despite having some good players like Frank Ruben, Lucien Hinge and Malakai Makito, Yatel lost their last two league matches and they are now in a dangerous position in the table. The team coached by Kiki Hinge will have two important clashes in the upcoming weeks against Sia-Raga and Mauwia and losing these matches is not an option.

Yatel are fighting against relegation in 2019-20 PVFA Premier League – Vanuatu Sports News

Tupuji Imere are living an atypical season and they are currently in the fifth position with eleven points – two points ahead Mauwia, Sia-Raga and Yatel. However, the team coached by David Chilia is in trouble as they are going to face the top three teams in the league (Galaxy, Ifira Black Bird and Tafea) in their final three matches.

With many young players in the squad, Sia-Raga are living a very difficult moment in the season and relegation might be a reality for them as they do not win a league match since the fourth matchweek of the season. The clashes against Mauwia and Yatel are going to be decisive for the yellow team.

After beating Tupuji Imere by 2-0 on this Saturday, Mauwia showed that they are not dead in the league and their chances to stay in PVFA Premier League for the next season are real. They have showed some improvement on defense and it might be a gamechanger for the red side in the final weeks of the season.

It is important to remember that the bottom placed team will be relegated to PVFA First Division – the second tier of football in Port Vila – while the seventh placed team will face Seveners United from First Division in a play-off match to decide which team will be in the next PVFA Premier League. You can check the current Premier League standings by clicking here.


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