Kossa FC still have a lot to improve in Telekom S-League

Despite beating Real Kakamora by 2-1 on this Saturday, Kossa FC still have a lot to work on if they want to finish the current Telekom S-League season in a good position. The team coached by Fred Osifelo showed some defensive fragility when attacked while forwards missed many clear opportunities to score this weekend.

It is already known that Barrie Limoki and Harrison Mala scored once each against Real Kakamora to put Kossa in the second position in the table with eleven points in six matches. However it could have been a much easier game if they have not lost so many opportunities to score.

Kossa’s starting eleven against Real Kakamora – Telekom S-League Media

Kossa managed to keep the ball possession in the match and they did not find many difficulties to reach the opponent’s box. However the forwards did not manage to score many goals – and it is their fault. While Real Kakamora’s goalkeeper Zantas Kabini made some good saves, James Naka, Barrie Limoki and Harrison Mala missed many chances over the match, including an open goal situation missed by Mala in the first half.

Despite these problems, Kossa still have a powerful team and they can fight for a spot in the next OFC Champions League if they improve on these points.


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