What is wrong with Vitiaz United in PNG National Soccer League?

Currently in the third position with 36 points in seventeen matches, Vitiaz United are already qualified to 2019-20 PNG National Soccer League semi-finals. However the team coached by Nathan Vincent is not living a good moment in the season and this is worrying.

Despite counting on a powerful offensive system with Eliud Fugre, Jonathan Allen, Mathew David and Yagi Yasasa, Vitiaz United did not find the net in the past two games and it is being a problem for them. The unexpected losses against FC Bougainville and Gulf Komara made Vitiaz fall to the third position in the league.

Vitiaz United are not living a good moment in PNG National Soccer League – PNGFA Media

Having bad streaks is something common in football but Nathan Vincent and his players need to open their eyes as the regular season is going to finish next week – which means that Vitiaz United are going to play a knock-out match in a few weeks so keeping this poor level of performance in the semi-finals is not a good deal for Vitiaz.

Qualifying to the semi-finals is surely a milestone for Vitiaz United but they surely can do more as they did not lose to local powerhouses Hekari United and Lae City this season. Coaching staff and players can not relax and they need to get back on the right track as soon as possible. The upcoming clash against Lae City in the last matchweek of the regular season can be a turnaround for Vitiaz United – for good or for bad.


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