Kunié and Ne Drehu to clash as Olympique want to make history in New Caledonia Cup

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The quarter-finals of New Caledonia Cup is going to take place this weekend. While AS Magenta and Hienghène Sport are the favourites to win their clashes against AS Qanono and RC Poindimié respectively.

the clash between AS Kunié and SC Ne Drehu is the only match that will be contested between two teams from Mobil Super Ligue. Both teams recently clashed in the league and the final score was an 1-1 draw.

SC Ne Drehu will face AS Kunié in 2020 New Caledonia Cup

There is also another team that want to make history in the tournament: Olympique Nouméa. They will face AS Mont-Dore that are not living a good moment in Mobil Super Ligue – the top-tier league from New Caledonia – which might be an advantage for them: “We will have to be careful for sure, because they are favourites and an injured beast is always much more dangerous.” stated Olympique’s head coach Kevin Menielle.

Currently playing in the second tier of New Caledonian football, Olympique still have a strong tradition as they won the local cup twice in 1962 and 1963: “Of course it’s been a long time since the club had reached this level in the Caledonian Cup. The feeling that prevails is a lot of excitement and the desire to be there on Sunday for the whole group,” said Menielle.

Oceania Football Center wish good luck to all eight teams that are going to play in the quarter-finals of the tournament. You can check more information about 2020 New Caledonia Cup by clicking here.

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