Injured players put Tafea FC in trouble for PVFA Top Four’s kick-off

The PVFA Premier League season finished but the season is not over for Tafea FC as they will face Erakor Golden Star this Saturday in the PVFA Top Four – a knock-out competition where the top four teams from 2019-20 PVFA Premier League will fight for a spot at National Super League – the national football tournament from Vanuatu.

Despite counting on a very strong squad, Tafea have many troubles for Saturday’s clash against Erakor Golden Star. According to the club’s media, Bob Jeffery, Eddison Stephen, Harrison Massing, Malakai Andrew and Waiwo Kalmet are currently injured and they are not expected to play this weekend.

Tafea’s starting eleven in a PVFA Premier League match – Vanuatu Sports News

It is known that Bob Jeffery is dealing with a serious knee injury while Waiwo Kalmet has been suffering from ankle injuries. On the other hand, there is no news about Eddison Stephen, Harrison Massing and Malakai Andrew injuries.

Anyway, Tafea’s head coach Robert Yalou still relies on key players like goalkeeper James Iamar, defender Junior Felix and striker Allista Kakip for the upcoming clash. You can check more information about 2020 PVFA Top Four by clicking here.


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