PVFA Top Four to kick-off this Saturday in Vanuatu

The 2019-20 PVFA Premier League reached its end last weekend, but it was not the end of the season for Erakor Golden Star, Galaxy FC, Ifira Black Bird and Tafea that are going to contest the PVFA Top Four to fight for a spot in the National Super League.

Tafea and Erakor Golden Star – teams hat finished 2019-20 PVFA Premier League in third and fourth respectively – will face each other in the opening match of the Top Four on this Saturday. The winner of this game will face Galaxy FC – that finished second in the Premier League – in the second stage. The winner of the second stage will face PVFA Premier League champions Ifira Black Bird in the Top Four’s final on October 24.

Ifira Black Bird won 2019-20 PVFA Premier League

The winner of PVFA Top Four advances to the National Super League (NSL) – a national tournament that is contested by eight teams, one team from each Member Association of Vanuatu. Oceania Football Center wish good luck to all four teams in the Top Four.


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