Yagi Yasasa: a new football star in Papua New Guinea

After a breathtaking final match, the 2019-20 PNG National Soccer League came to an end in Papua New Guinea. It was a very interesting season as Vitiaz United almost broke Lae City’s hegemony in the championship, while FC Bougainville, Gulf Komara and Tusbab Stallions starred an incredible fight for a spot in the semi-finals.

It was Vitiaz’s first ever season at the National Soccer League. However, the team coached by Nathan Vincent surprised bigger teams with a powerful midfield led by Eliud Fugre and Yagi Yasasa. Vitiaz became even stronger in the second half of the season when forwards Jonathan Allen and Mathew David joined the team to build a great quartet alongside Fugre and Yasasa.

Yagi Yasasa was one of the best players in the season as he had a wonderful season playing for Vitiaz United. He finished the season with five goals scored, but the size of his quality cannot be measured by the number of goals as he is not a striker.

Yasasa (right) was one of the best players at 2019-20 PNG National Soccer League – PNGFA Media

He impressed the fans with his quality and skills during the whole season. His talent was already known in the country as he represented Papua New Guinea at youth level, but now local fans are demanding that Yasasa be called up to the National Team – and he deserves it.

Yasasa used to be one of the most promising players from Papua New Guinea, but now he is a reality. We cannot wait to see his quality again in the next National Soccer League – whether by Vitiaz United or not.


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