Referees step up in Solomon Islands

The current Telekom S-League season is already being historic as the number of league teams has increased to eleven. After many years, the major football league from the Solomon Islands is finally being livestreamed.

Football in Solomon Islands continues to develop on and off the field. One of the things that has developed most in local football is refereeing – and local fans recognize it. The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) has been working hard for the development of the sport in the country, especially with regard to referees and coaches.

SIFF recently announced that an electronic board and communication kits have been purchased, which means that referees now have better working conditions at Telekom S-League and Solrais Women’s Premier League.

Henderson Eels’ head coach Eddie Marahare focused on improving his team in S-League;
Telekom S-League’s mid-season transfer window to open this month

Referees testing the eletronic board at Lawson Tama Stadium – SIFF Media

Despite some minor mistakes, referees have been performing in a very good level at Telekom S-League. Referees’ good performance helps to increase the level of the league as they are responsible to run the football matches.

It is very good to see the development of the sport in the Solomon Islands. Oceania Football Center congratulate Solomon Islands Football Federation and Telekom S-League Board for all efforts to promote the sport in the country.

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