Kossa’s youngster Barrie Limoki back from injury in Solomon Islands

One of the most promising players from Solomon Islands, Kossa’s youngster Barrie Limoki is back to training after getting injured in Kossa’s 4-1 loss to Henderson Eels three weeks ago in the eighth matchweek of 2020 Telekom S-League.

The 16-year-old forward returned to training last weekend and e is expected to be in Kossa’s starting eleven against Central Coast FC on Sunday: “We want to make sure he is 100% but he shows commitment and hunger for football,” said team’s technical analyst, Alex Waimora.

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Limoki is back from injury – Telekom S-League Media

Having Limoki back is a major boost for Kossa as he is one of the top scorers of his team in the league with six goals in seven matches. You can check more information about the current Telekom S-League season by clicking here.


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