Lupe o le Soaga: the team to be beaten in Samoa

The ninth week of the 2020 Premier Men’s games is coming to an end in Samoa as Sogi and Vaipuna keep fighting for the second position in the league. And this should be the biggest fight of the season, since Lupe o le Soaga are leading the league comfortably.

Lupe o le Soaga still have a perfect campaign in the league: nine wins in nine matches. The team coached by Paul Ualesi is performing in a high level with 54 goals scored and only four goals conceded: “We are work hard to remain unbeaten beacuse all the teams in the league want to beat us. Our first mission is to be the champions of Samoa and then to represent the country in the next OFC Champions League,” said Ualesi.

Lupe o le Soaga’s starting eleven in a league match – Lupe o le Soaga Media

With a powerful squad led by veteran Andrew Setefano, Lupe o le Soaga also count on Oscar Anto and Vaa Taualai, two young players that are performing well in the season by scoring a good amount of goals.

This year is being very special for Lupe as they had their best ever campaign at OFC Champions League and now they are marching to win the national title for the second year in a row. However, Ualesi knows that players need to keep their feet on the ground: “We have that mindset to keep low profile and do a lot of work. One other challenge this year, all the teams from other clubs is really good and well organised,” he said.

Lupe’s latest match was contested on this Wednesday and they defeated Vaitele-Uta by 2-0. You can check the current league standings and results by clicking here.


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