Will Lautoka finish their second consecutive season without a national title?

This week is not a good one for Lautoka fans as they are still feeling the bitter taste of the defeat to Labasa in the Inter-District Championship final. Currently in the fifth position at Vodafone Premier League, the Bluez have no chance of being league champions this year.

Lautoka started the season on fire by winning two matches by 6-0 against Nasinu and Nadi. However, the team failed to maintain the level and the season of the Bluez is being nothing more than average in Fiji. This raises a big question: will Lautoka finish their second consecutive season without a national title?

Lautoka’s starting eleven at 2020 Inter-District Championship’s final – Fiji FA Media

The Bluez won the Pacific Cup last year, but this is not a national or official tournament. Lautoka’s last national trophies were lifted in 2018, when they won Vodafone Premier League and Inter-District Championship.

The team coached by Ravinesh Kumar still has one last chance to try to win a title this year as FIJI Fact will be contested later this year – a glimmer of hope for them.

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