Vanuatu: Massing Kalotang shines as Erakor Golden Star advance in PVFA Top Four

Erakor Golden Star and Tafea clashed at Port Vila Stadium in the first match of PVFA Top Four – a knock-out tournament contested by the top four teams of 2019-20 PVFA Premier League from Vanuatu. The match, that was originally scheduled to kick-off at 2pm was delayed due to an issue with the net of one of the goals.

After a nil-nil draw in the 90 minutes, the game went into prolongation but neither of the two teams scored a goal, so the winner of the contest was decided in the penalty shoot-out. Tafea’s midfielder Jayson Timatua was the first player to take a penalty but it was saved by Massing Kalotang – an 18-year-old goalkeeper who came from the bench to replace Serge Daniel. On the other hand, Jacky Ruben found the net to open the scoreboard for Erakor.

Massing Kalotang

Tafea’s young defender Junior Felix equalized as Erakor’s Dondon Wanemut missed his shot. Jordy Tasip, who came from the bench to replace Allista Kalip, took Tafea’s third penalty in the contest, but Kalotang saved again. In the following shot, Loic Coulon scored to put Erakor ahead: 2-1.

Things got worse to Tafea as Massing Kalotang saved a penalty for the third time in the shoot-out. John Tasso was the one who missed that time. Erakor had the chance to seal their win but Jesse Kalopong missed it. Tafea had a last opportunity to equalize with Harrison Massing who did not disappoint and kept his team alive in the contest. However, it was not enough as Kaltfer Kaltack scored to put Erakor in the next stage of the tournament.

Erakor will face Galaxy FC on Wednesday at Port Vila Stadium and the winner of this clash is going to face Ifira Black Bird at PVFA Top Four’s final. You can check more information about this tournament by clicking here.


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