Royals Academy’s stint in England is over as players return to Solomon Islands

The footballing relationship between the Solomon Islands and England seems to have come to an end as Royals Academy’s players are ready to go back home after staying in the European country for over a year.

This partnership has brought good things to the Oceanian nation, as young athletes from the Solomon Islands had the opportunity to train and play for English clubs during their time in Europe like Ali Mekawir and Ian Kula, who were key players at Langney Wanderers: “We wish you both well in your future and your footballing progression and hopefully, our paths will cross again in the future,” stated Wanderers on their website.

Two other players have joined the Wanderers, but they did not have the opportunity to debut: Don Keana and Jackson Wale. Another player that was linked to an English club was Absolom Wawane, who recently joined Hollington United FC.

Going back home means that these players will have the opportunity to take part of Telekom S-League, the national league from Solomon Islands, as the mid-season transfer window is set to open on next Monday.

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