Samoa: Lupe o le Soaga qualifies for 2021 OFC Champions League

Samoa’s representative in 2021 OFC Champions League is defined as Lupe o le Soaga clinched the title of Premier Men’s first stage with one game in advance. The team coached by Paul Ualesi will play the continental tournament for the second straight year.

With the OFC Champions League spot secured, they now have the mission to win the Top Eight, a knock-out tournament with the top eight teams from the regular season: “Our team has a good quality and a combination of experienced and young players who have some level of exposure, as we played the OFC Champions League this year. In fact, our team had most of the experienced players who played for Lupe in the 2018 OFC Champions League,” said Lupe’s midfielder Ken Kerewi.

Lupe o le Soaga’s squad – Lupe o le Soaga Media

Lupe has 30 points in ten matches, which means that Kerewi and his teammates are still unbeaten in the season: “Winning ten matches in a row is not an easy task […] We had tough games to get here, having to play and win against teams like Vaivase-Tai, Vaitele-Uta, Kiwi and Vaipuna. These games tested the quality of our team,” stated Kerewi.

The Samoan team is the tenth side to secure a spot at 2021 OFC Champions League. You can check the list with all qualified teams by clicking here.

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