Big wins mark AS Dragon’s start in 2020-21 Ligue 1 VINI

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After finishing the last Ligue 1 VINI season in the fourth position, AS Dragon are showing that they can fight for the title this year as they are currently on top of the table with three big wins in their first three matches.

The 5-1 victory against AS Jeunes Tahitiens in the first match of the season cheered the team’s fans. However, the fans had much more to celebrate in the following games, with victories against AS Mataiea (6-0) and AS Olympic Mahina (6-1).

AS Dragon’s logo

With 17 goals scored in three games, the team has the second best attack in the competition, behind only AS Pirae that scored 19 goals so far. The top scorers of AS Dragon are Rainui Tze-Yu and François Mu with four goals each, while the talented Roonui Tehau has three goals in the championship.

AS Dragon’s next league match will be against AS Central Sport this Saturday at the Stade Pater. You can check the current Ligue 1 VINI standings, results and top scorers by clicking here.


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