Vanuatu: PVFA announces important changes for the next Premier League season

After the election of a new Executive Committee, the Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) came to the public to announce that important changes will take place for the next season of the PVFA Premier League.

The first big change will be in the number of teams that will compete in the championship: from eight to ten, which means that no team has been relegated this season, while North Efate United and Seveners United are expected to contest 2020-21 PVFA Premier League.

The second – and no less important – change determines the extinction of the PVFA Top Four, a knockout tournament that was contested by the top four of the PVFA Premier League after the regular season. With this change, the spot at VFF National Super League will no longer be given to the Top Four champion, but to the PVFA Premier League champion.

Ifira Black Bird and Galaxy FC clashed at 2020 PVFA Top Four’s final – Vanuatu Sports News

The changes announced by PVFA seem to be great for local football, as the Premier League season will have more games, which will help teams and players to stay active longer throughout the year. Oceania Football Center support the decisions taken by PVFA Executive Committee.

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