Vanuatu: 2020-21 PVFA Premier League kicks-off this week

Galaxy FC will face Mauwia in the first matchweek of the season – Galaxy FC Media

The 2019-20 PVFA Premier League finished last month, but the new season is already on the horizon. Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) announced that the new season is set to kick-off this week in Vanuatu as five games are going to be contested in the first matchweek of 2020-21 PVFA Premier League.

As it was previously reported, ten teams are going to fight for the title this season as North Efate United and Seveners United were promoted to Premier League and will join the eight teams that competed in the league last season.

The opening match of the season will be contested between Tafea FC – one of the most important teams from Vanuatu – and newly promoted side Seveners United at Port Vila Stadium this Thursday. The other four clashes are going to take place on Saturday: two at Port Vila Stadium and two at Korman Stadium.

Current national champions Galaxy FC are going to debut against Mauwia while 2019-20 PVFA Premier League champions Ifira Black Bird are going to face Yatel. You can check the full schedule of the first matchweek of the season by clicking here.


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