Talented goalkeeper Anthony Talo joins Henderson Eels

One of the most talented goalkeepers from his country, Anthony Talo is going to play for another team in the current season of Telekom S-League, the Solomon Islands national football league, as the 24-year-old player left Honiara City to join Henderson Eels.

Talo was one of Honiara City’s best players in the first half of the season. The young goalkeeper played nine of the team’s ten league matches, making important saves and helping the team to finish the first round in sixth place.

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Anthony Talo

He is well known by Eels’ supporters as he played there last season before moving abroad to join Hekari United from Papua New Guinea. Although he played only six matches in the last Telekom S-League season, he won the 2019-20 Telekom S-League’s Best Goalkeeper Award for his great performances by Henderson Eels.

Talo is the second player to join Eels in this transfer window as midfielder Charlie Otainao joined the team a few days ago. However, team’s head coach Eddie Marahare confirmed on social media that three players will join the team this transfer window, so people should expect one more player to arrive in the coming days.

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