AS Pirae beat AS Arue to reach the top of Ligue 1 VINI’s table

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AS Pirae and AS Arue clashed at Stade Pater in the fourth matchweek of Ligue 1 VINI – the top tier football league from Tahiti. With no big surprises, AS Pirae won their second straight match to reach the top of the table.

Midfielder Patrick Tepa used his left foot to open the scoreboard in the 35th minute in a great shot from outside the box while youngster Louis Gitton extended the lead in the second half to seal the 2-0 win for AS Pirae. Despite the positive result, the orange side will have to deal with Steven Tetuanuitefarerii who saw the red card in the 77th minute.

AS Pirae players celebrating a goal – Christophe Fotozz

The current league champions had some help to reach the top of the table as the clash between AS Dragon and AS Central Sport was a nil-nil draw.

Two other matches were contested on this Saturday. AS Pueu beat AS Manu-Ura by 2-1 to reach the third position in the table while the clash between AS Tiare Tahiti and AS Jeunes Tahitiens finished drawn. You can check the current Ligue 1 VINI standings, results and top scorers by clicking here.


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