2021 OFC Champions League set to kick-off in January


After the 2020 OFC Champions League was cancelled due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) confirmed that the next edition of the major club competition in the region is set to kick-off in January.

It was confirmed by the confederation that the Preliminary Round will be contested in Samoa from 11 to 16 January. Four teams are expected to compete in this stage: one from American Samoa, one from Cook Islands, one from Samoa and one from Tonga.

OFC Champions League trophy

Lupe o le Soaga (Samoa) and Pago Youth (American Samoa) are already qualified for the Preliminary Round while Cook Islands and Tonga’s representatives have not been decided yet. The top two teams from this round will advance to the group stage.

Twelve of the eighteen participants have already been defined, including 2019 OFC Champions League winners Hienghène Sport from New Caledonia. You can check out the complete list of teams qualified for the 2021 OFC Champions League by clicking here.

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