Fiji: Women’s League to be changed next year

Women’s Football is gaining more and more space in Fiji, both financially and in terms of media, which generates greater interest in the local leagues. Based on this growth, the women’s league will undergo changes for next season.

The sixteen teams of Vodafone Women’s Senior League is currently divided into three groups: North, South and West. The national title is defined in a play-off disputed by the winners of each group. However, it is going to change next year as two new teams will join the league: Rakiraki and Nadogo.

Women’s Football is growing in Fiji – Fiji FA Media

It was reported by Naziah Ali Krishna, Fiji FA Executive Board Member, that the top six teams will compete in the first division, while the remaining 12 will compete in the second division: “The start of a new league and that is for our top division league which is called the Super Six and this is the top six teams from around the country that would be making this league. Then another league below that we will look at the rest of the teams so that we have a highly competitive tournament,” she revealed to FBC Sports.

The arrival of two teams and the creation of a new structure for Vodafone Women’s Senior League are two things that will certainly help Women’s Football gain more visibility in the country. Oceania Football Center congratulates Fiji FA and Naziah Ali Krishna on this initiative

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