RSIPF Royals win Solrais Women’s Premier League in Solomon Islands

RSIPF Royals became the first-ever winners of the Solrais Women’s Premier League, the women’s national football league from the Solomon Islands, by beating Naha FC by 2-1 in the last match of the season. Both sides reached the final week of the season with chances to lift the national trophy. While RSIPF Royals just neededContinue reading “RSIPF Royals win Solrais Women’s Premier League in Solomon Islands”

Fiji: Women’s League to be changed next year

Women’s Football is gaining more and more space in Fiji, both financially and in terms of media, which generates greater interest in the local leagues. Based on this growth, the women’s league will undergo changes for next season. The sixteen teams of Vodafone Women’s Senior League is currently divided into three groups: North, South andContinue reading “Fiji: Women’s League to be changed next year”

ISPS Handa Women’s Premiership kicks-off in New Zealand

The 2020 ISPS Handa Women’s Premiership kicked-off in New Zealand as three matches were contested this weekend in the country. This is the first year that the championship is held under the name of ISPS Handa Women’s Premiership, since until last year the tournament was called National Women’s League. The opening match of the seasonContinue reading “ISPS Handa Women’s Premiership kicks-off in New Zealand”

Women’s IDC postponed in Fiji

Fijian fans will have to wait a little more to watch 2020 Women’s Inter-District Championship as the tournament was officially postponed by Fiji Football Association (FFA) due to bad weather conditions in Suva – the capital of the country. The tournament was scheduled to kick-off on Tuesday alongside men’s Inter-District Championship. According to FFA’s ChiefContinue reading “Women’s IDC postponed in Fiji”

Papua New Guinea: Women’s National League set to kick-off in October

Women’s National League is ready to be revived in Papua New Guinea after some years. It was revealed by PNG Football Association’s president John Kapi Natto that the federation wants to promote gender equality in the sport. The tournament is expected to kick-off in October – right after the end of 2019-20 PNG Men’s NationalContinue reading “Papua New Guinea: Women’s National League set to kick-off in October”

Women’s Premier League launched in Solomon Islands

The 2020 Telekom S-League kicked-off this weekend as four matches were contested at Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara – the capital of Solomon Islands. However another important event related to football took place in the same city this weekend as the National Women’s League was officially launched. The official launch of the Solrais Women’s PremierContinue reading “Women’s Premier League launched in Solomon Islands”

Rising star from Tahiti joins Toulouse FC from France

🇫🇷 Français Another football player from Tahiti is ready to play in France as Vahuariki Tufaunui joins the U-19 team of Toulouse FC from France. Tufaunui is one of the most promising players from Oceania when it comes to women’s football. The 17-year-old attacking midfielder was playing for AS Tefana before joining her new club.Continue reading “Rising star from Tahiti joins Toulouse FC from France”

Erakor Golden Star wins PVFA Women’s Independence Cup

Women’s football is taking the first steps in the Pacific Islands but it did not prevent women to play the PVFA Independence Cup! Six teams contested the tournament that finished on this Wednesday in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The Independence Cup is a traditional tournament held in July in honor of Vanuatu’s Independence Day that isContinue reading “Erakor Golden Star wins PVFA Women’s Independence Cup”

Solomon Islands: Koloale wins Women’s Preseason Tournament

The first tournament of 2020 Solomon Islands football season is over. Twelve teams took part at Women’s Preseason Tournament held at Lawson Tama Stadium during this week to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of Solomon Islands’ independence. The tournament counted on hundreds of women from many regions of the country – “Women’s football has had encounteredContinue reading “Solomon Islands: Koloale wins Women’s Preseason Tournament”

Australia and New Zealand will co-host 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Good news for Oceania! The Trans-Tasman joint-bid is the winner and Australia and New Zealand will co-host 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup! As Brazil and Japan withdrew from trying to host the upcoming Women’s World Cup there were only two options in the final poll: Colombia and Australia/New Zealand. The Trans-Tasman bid was the theContinue reading “Australia and New Zealand will co-host 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup”