RSIPF Royals win Solrais Women’s Premier League in Solomon Islands

RSIPF Royals became the first-ever winners of the Solrais Women’s Premier League, the women’s national football league from the Solomon Islands, by beating Naha FC by 2-1 in the last match of the season.

Both sides reached the final week of the season with chances to lift the national trophy. While RSIPF Royals just needed a draw to win the league, Naha FC had to win this match to be crowned as the national champions.

RSIPF Royals defeated their opponents by 2-1 to finish the season unbeaten: twelve victories and two draws in fourteen matches, a huge campaign for a team that deservedly won the first-ever edition of Solrais Women’s Premier League.

RSIPF Royals – first-ever winners of the Solrais Women’s Premier League

This tournament was a big success. Having a sponsored Women’s National League is a huge accomplishment for the Solomon Islands as part of their preparation for 2023 Pacific Games that will be held in the country. You can check the full league standings by clicking here.


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