Samoa: Lupe o le Soaga and Vaipuna to clash in local final

Lupe o le Soaga are still unbeaten in the season

Current league champions Lupe o le Soaga and Vaipuna are going to meet in the final of 2020 Premier Men’s National League in Samoa. Both sides secured their spots in the final after defeating their opponents in the semifinals contested this weekend.

Albert Bell and Lawrie Letutusa scored twice each as Lupe o le Soaga defeated Sogi by 5-0 while Vaipuna booked a spot in the final by beating Vaitele-Uta in the shootout by 11-10 after an 1-1 draw in the regular time.

The final clash of the season between Lupe and Vaipuna is going to take place this weekend. Vaipuna will have a tough mission as Lupe are still unbeaten in the season. You can check more information about the current Premier Men’s National League season by clicking here.


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