Allista Kalip and one of the fastest goals of all time

We all know that who scores the most goals wins in football. While in basketball we can score two or three points at a time, in football every goal has the same value, one. However, there are goals that go down in history, whether for their beauty or their importance.

As in other sports, there are also records in football – and, as we know, records are made to be broken. One of those records is the fastest goal: while Dutch forward Roy Makaay just needed ten seconds to put his name in the history by scoring the fastest goal of UEFA Champions League, veteran forward Allista Kalip from Vanuatu also wrote his name in history by scoring one of the fastest goals of 2020.

On 10 October, Tafea FC and Ifira Black Bird clashed in the 14th matchweek of the PVFA Premier League, the most important regional league from Vanuatu. Tafea fans did not need much time to celebrate. Shortly after the opening whistle, John Thomas passed the ball to Allista Kalip, who kicked it from the midfield and lobbed the opposing goalkeeper to open the scoreboard.

Allista Kalip – Vanuatu Sports News

According to the referee, Kalip scored in little over two seconds, which could be a new world record. Unfortunately, we do not have a video of his goal, but you can watch a similar goal scored by Brazilian striker Fred in 2003 by clicking here.

Allista Kalip is one of the most important players of Tafea FC. The 31-year-old striker finished 2019-20 PVFA Premier League with eight goals scored. You can check more information about the last PVFA Premier League season by clicking here.

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