Bua: fighting against all odds to secure a spot in Vodafone Premier League

The last game of Vodafone Senior League, the second tier league from Fiji, is going to be contested this weekend when Bua and Nadroga will clash at Subrail Park in the second leg of the promotion play-off. While Nadroga are in a comfortable position for winning the first leg by 3-0, Bua need to fight against all odds if they want to secure a spot in Vodafone Premier League.

Bua and Nadroga have already met three times in the season and Nadroga won all three matches – two wins by 3-0 and one by 2-0. Despite not scoring against this opponent, Bua now need something almost impossible: beat the best team in the league by three or more goals.

Bua need to beat Nadroga by three or more goals – Fiji FA Media

The orange side has been fighting the odds since the beginning of the season: without much money, the team managed to be competitive in the season. They reached the Inter-District Champioship final and they have the chance to fight for a spot in the national top tier league.

Bua are going to have a difficult mission, but head coach Roneel Ram and key players like powerful forward Mohammed Zaid have to step up to give fans a chance to get a taste of Vodafone Premier League.


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