Talented goalkeeper Daniel Alick joins Tafea FC

After finishing 2019-20 PVFA Premier League in third place, Tafea FC are now looking for new players to strengthen their squad for next season. After signing with 23-year-old forward Bob Issac, it was announced that Daniel Alick has joined Tafea FC as well.

Alick is one of the most talented goalkeepers from Vanuatu. He was part of the historical squad that played 2017 U-20 World Cup and he also represented his country at OFC Olympic Qualifiers held in Fiji last year.

Bob Issac joins Tafea;
Dona and Massing join Yatel FC

Daniel Alick playing for Vanuatu U-23 at 2019 OFC Olympic Qualifiers – OFC Media

With his arrival, Tafea now have two great goalkeepers: Daniel Alick and James Iamar. However, it is not known if Iamar is going to stay with the team for the next season. You can check more information about football in Vanuatu by clicking here.

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