Osea Vakatalesau makes his mother’s dream come true

Nadroga’s marvelous season is over and the Stallions are back to Vodafone Premier League after spending four years in Senior League, the second tier league from Fiji. With a powerful squad led by head coach Johnny Williams, football fans must expect a competitive side in the next Premier League season.

Being promoted to Premier League was pretty special for a specific player: Osea Vakatalesau. The 34-year-old legendary forward joined Nadroga in July after spending seventeen months away from football due to suspension.

He decided to play for Nadroga because of his mother was born in Korotogo, a place located in Nadroga-Navosa Province: “My mother asked me to come and help Nadroga qualify and play in the Premier Division next year,” said Vakatalesau to Fiji Sun last month.

Vakatalesau (right) playing for Nadroga – Fiji FA Media

Now that his mother’s dream came true, Ozzy will certainly attract interest from other clubs competing in the Vodafone Premier League. Let’s see if the legendary striker is interested in leaving Nadroga or if he wants to stay in the team for the next years to make his mother even happier.


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