Jesse Randall officially debuts for Hawke’s Bay United

After finishing ninth in the last ISPS Handa Premiership’s season, Hawke’s Bay United tried to build a stronger side to become a competitive side in 2020-21 – and the team’s biggest signing was Jesse Randall, one of the most promising players in local football.

Randall had a great breakthrough season in 2019-20 playing for Tasman United. He was also scored eighteen goals at 2020 Ultra Football Central League – one of the most important regional leagues from New Zealand – playing for North Wellington FC, and his arrival was celebrated by Hawke’s Bay United fans.

Jesse Randall playing for Tasman United at 2019-20 ISPS Handa Premiership season – NZF Media

The 18-year-old winger made his official debut for his new team in today’s 3-0 loss to Hamilton Wanderers at Bluewater Stadium. Despite the unfavourable result, Randall had a good performance in the match, being responsible for his team’s biggest goal chances.

His first opportunity was in the final minutes of the first half when his shot was easily saved by Wanderers’ goalkeeper Matt Oliver. A few minutes later, he came from the left wing and forced Oliver to make a good save.

Randall also had two more chances in the second half, especially in set-pieces. He took two free kicks that brought danger to Oliver in the final minutes of the second half. In addition to these opportunities to score, the rising star impressed with his good pace, which made him a real threat for for the opposing defenders.

His debut left a good impression on the fans, who can certainly expect a great season from the young player. It remains to be seen, however, whether Hawke’s Bay United are ready to become more competitive this season.

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