Labasa: Ashnil Raju available after his marriage as Fiji FACT is postponed

Labasa will come even stronger for the semi-finals of the last major tournament of the year in Fiji as their star midfielder Ashnil Raju will be available for the team. Raju did not play the final two poll matches of Labasa due his marriage that took place this weekend. As the games of the semi-finals and final of Fiji FACT were postponed to the next weekend, the 25-year-old player will be added to the squad of Ronil Lal.

Ashnil Raju – Fiji FA Media

It was expected the player to join Labasa if his team qualified for the final match, but now, due the postponement, the former Dreketi man will be available. Raju is a regular starter throughout the season for the Babasiga Lions and the fans of the team might be very happy with the news Raju is already back – as the head coach Ronil Lal confirmed in social media.


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