Fiji FACT postponed to next weekend

It was recently informed by Fiji Football Federation’s Rajesh Patel in a press release that the Fiji FACT semi-finals will be once again postponed, this time to Saturday and Sunday (6 and 7th Dec) due the bad weather conditions in Vanua Levu. “It is out of our control, it is a natural thing” said Patel.

Tickets refund will be available if the fans wish so, but the same tickets will be available to enter the stadium in the next scheduled date. Patel assumed the possibility to take the finals of Fiji FACT to another venue if the conditons do not improve in Labasa, but their first choice is to keep the games at Subrail Park.

Subrail Park were not in conditions for football – FBC News

Patel was also questioned regarding Rewa’s situation on asking to play the 90 minutes again, regarding only the second half. Nadi was leading by 1-0 after the postponement of the matches and the Fiji FA had previously decided to only play the remaning 45 minutes of the clash. The president of the entity answered a decision will be made during the week.

The terrible conditions of the Subrail Park were a serious issue since the completion of the poll matches at midweek; many fans expressed their indignity and said the decision to postpone the matches was late.

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