Fiji FACT semi-finals unlikely to go on at Subrail Park

After a lot of discussion during the week, the semi-finals and final of 2020 Fiji FACT were confirmed to be played at Subrail Park in Labasa as previously scheduled by the Fiji FA. The matches were set to be played last weekend in the same venue, but they were postponed due bad weather and the terrible conditions of the pitch in the stadium.

A decision is yet to be issue by the Fiji FA, but the conditions of Subrail Park did not improve in the past days – the same as the weather. Important streets of Labasa got flooded and the pitch of Subrail Park remains unplayable. Sources appointed the possibility of the matches to be played at Labasa Sangam SKM College grounds, in the same city.

The current conditions of the Subrail Park

If Fiji FA decided to postponed the competitions due the bad situation of the pitch, the obvious decision now is to do the same as the ground seems to be as bad as it was in the last weekend. Whether the entity will look for another venue or will postpone once again the Fiji FACT semi-finals is still uncertain.


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