Did Suva FC lie to media?

Recently, Oceania Football Center stated that five important players of Suva were not available for the semi-final clash of Fiji FACT against Labasa. The info was firstly published by FBC News – stated as a source of the news posted – signed by Senior Multimedia Sports Journalist of the journal, Akuila Cama; an important figure of the local sports’ journalism. “Players like top goalkeeper Beniamino Mateinaqara, Christopher Wasasala, Kalisito Veikoka, Laisenia Raura and Kelvin Naidu have been ruled out“, said in the article and also assured by head coach Babs Khan in video.

In fact the info was not accurate: the players were listed as available for today’s match as it was live reported by TV station Fiji ONE that was telecasting the games. Today’s matches were postponed due bad weather and pitch conditions.

Suva FC before the match against Lautoka – Suva FC Media

The suspicions that Suva lied to media increased as Labasa’s fans saw the players mentioned in the news warming up before the match. When the news were released, many fans questioned the possibility of being a gamble to fool Labasa’s staff.

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Football fans that were today at Subrail Park were surprised to see the likes of Christopher Wasasala warming up for the match and got intrigued how the players miracously got cured from their injuries.

It is not understandable which type of advantage it would give to Suva; but misleading media will also mislead the passionated fans of football in Fiji – something that is really not going to help the development of football in the country if the suspicions are confirmed.

Suva will now have one more day to ‘heal’ its players to take on Labasa this Sunday as the matches were postponed due the bad weather and pitch conditions.


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