Subrail Park pitch conditios cannot improve in only 24h

As recently mentioned by Oceania Football Center, Fiji FACT semi-finals were postponed due bad weather and pitch conditions in Labasa’s Subrail Park. After 45 minutes of football between Rewa and Nadi it was clear football could not be played under those circumstances.

Fiji FA’s CEO Mohammed Yusuf determined the matches are going to be played this Sunday – only 24h later of the previously scheduled. The question is: can Subrail Park’s pitch be good enough for a football match just 24h of being in these conditions? (see pictures below):

FBC News
FBC News

As mentioned by Fiji FA in social media, “the decision will be reviewed should the weather and ground condition remain unfavourable tomorrow” – it means the entity knows the real possibility of not being able to keep the matches as rescheduled for tomorrow.

Previously, Oceania Football Center stated that the third matchday of Fiji FACT should have been postponed, as well as the second matchday, due the terrible conditions at Subrail Park. The players’ integrity and the quality of the game displayed might come first in any condition, if not the development of the sport will also be in serious risks.


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