AS Magenta’s midfielder Fonzy Ranchain undergoes knee surgery

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AS Magenta’s midfielder Fonzy Ranchain undergoes knee surgery after getting injured against Hienghène Sport at the Caledonia Cup’s semi-final on 17 October. The 26-year-old midfielder is expected to spend a couple of months out of football due to this injury.

Ranchain was being an important player in the team coached by Alain Moizan, and his absence is being felt inside the pitch, especially at the current moment of the season, when AS Magenta battle for the national title against Hienghène Sport, Horizon Patho and Tiga Sport.

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Ranchain playing for AS Magenta in 2020 OFC Champions League – OFC Media

He joined AS Magenta earlier this year coming from AS Lössi to play 2020 OFC Champions League. He scored one goal and delivered one assist in two matches in the continental tournament. Oceania Football Center wish him a fast recovery.


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