Germain Haewegené wins Mobil Super Ligue’s Golden Boot in New Caledonia

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The current Mobil Super Ligue season is coming to an end in New Caledonia, as four teams are fighting for the title in the final play-offs. However, there is an important player, whose team is not in the play-offs, who must be highlighted: Germain Haewegené.

Haewegené helped AS Wetr to finish fifth in the regular season, just two points away from fourth placed Horizon Patho. The 24-year-old forward scored twelve goals in nine matches, which made him the top scorer of the tournament.

AS Wetr’s Germain Haewegene deserves a spot in the National Team;
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Haewegené (right) receiving the Golden Boot Award Trophy – Mobil Super League Media

Haewegené is now focused on the next season. It is not known if the player will remain in AS Wetr, but he will certainly be an important player in 2021, wherever he plays. Oceania Football Center team congratulates Haewegené for this accomplishment.


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