New Caledonia: AS Wetr’s Germain Haewegene deserves a spot in the National Team

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AS Wetr are having a solid start in 2020 Mobil Super Ligue – the top-tier league from New Caledonia. The team coached by Casimir Hnawange have three draws and a win in five games while the remaining match was a 1-0 loss to current league leaders Tiga Sport.

The good performance of AS Wetr must be linked to four players: Christopher Wacalie, Enrick Bouanaoue, Germain Haewegene and Waia Sakilia. While Wacalie, Bouanaoue and Sakilia are having good performances day in day out, Haewegene must be highlighted for being a decisive player in the league – even when he comes from the bench.

Haewegene is AS Wetr’s top scorer in the current Mobil Super Ligue season with four goals, including a brace against Hienghène Sport on Saturday. Besides that, the 24-year-old forward is a very fast and intelligent player and it is surely a differential inside the pitch. You can check some highlights of his career by clicking here.

Haewegene (in blue) playing for AS Wetr

He is also known in athletics as he guides Sylvain Bova – an athlete with a vision impairment – at international evelts. Haewegene and Bova won the silver medal in the Men’s 200 meters at World Para Athletics European Championships held in Germany two years ago.

It is known that AS Wetr are not one of the most famous teams from New Caledonia, however it would not be a surprise if Haewegene receives an opportunity in the National Team. His combination of quality and athleticism is unique in the country. Having a player like him is something that must be valued by football fans, specially in a nation that football has an amateur status.


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