Mathias Iani’s ‘goal of the season’ contender takes Laugu forward against Isabel United

After being smashed by Henderson Eels in the last match, Laugu United had a tough challenge against Isabel United on Wednesday at Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara during the third matchweek of 2020 Telekom S-League – the major football league from Solomon Islands.

Laugu and Isabel have scored twice each until the final minutes of the contest when Laugu’s midfielder Jeffery Bule passed the ball to Mathias Iani who scored a marvelous goal from outside the box in the 87th minute to put his side ahead. You can check his goal by clicking here.

Mathias Iani scored a marvelous goal against Isabel United – Telekom S-League Media

Iani has now three goals in three matches while Laugu United are currently in the second position in the table with six points. You can check the current Telekom S-League standings and top scorers by clicking here.

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