There is not going to have 3rd/4th place match at 2020 Fiji FACT

The Fiji Football Association decided not to go on as scheduled for the final day of football in season; as normally happens, this time no 3rd/4th playoff match will be played for the 2020 Fiji FACT. The entity said they were advised by the referees and the groundsman to not continue with the match, much probrably the bad conditions of the pitch at Subrail Park.

Rewa and Labasa were going to play to decide the 3rd placed side, but the game was called off – Fiji FA Media

Both teams will receive $2,000 each as prize money“, said Fiji FA in their official social media account. The decision might help the show for the grand final match between Suva and Nadi, as the pitch conditons will not get even worse as the curtain raiser game is not going to be played anymore.


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